How Emily Dweck Sold $2.3M in Residential Re-Roofs
Success Group International (SGI) is now CertainPath.
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After many years serving the independent contractor as Success Group International, we’re combining all that we do for home service business owners under the name CertainPath.

Now, we’re focused on “Success Made Certain” with a mission to Build Successful Home Service Businesses.

We’re more focused than ever on empowering the independent contractor to achieve their dreams with our mix of tools and systems that provide our Path to Success, our professional coaching to help you stay focused on the path, our Contractor Software that gives your company an easy-to-implement solution to run your business profitably, and our Contractor Community with the network and events that bring you together with over 1,000 other business owners.

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Wired to Compete: Emily Dweck Sold $2.3M in Residential Re-Roofs for Holencik Exteriors in Coplay, PA, Thanks to Her Desire to Win and Her Belief in Her Company

The Successful Contractor Podcast – NEW EPISODE

Today’s show is a great discussion with another Roofing Crown Champion: Emily Dweck of Holencik Exteriors in Coplay, PA. Emily sold $2.3 million in roofing replacements last year, easily clearing the $1.5M threshold, which made her a Crown Champion. Emily has a tremendous story. She was completely new to the roofing industry just a few short years ago. She had friends who worked at Holencik, and they recruited her to the company. In October of 2019, she began her training, and by March of 2020, she was running her own leads. Of course, that’s when COVID hit, making this new profession even more difficult. Yet that adversity didn’t deter Emily. Instead, she has thrived.

Emily is wired to compete. She has her entire life. From the time she was four years old until she graduated college—and even beyond—she’s been an athlete. Emily thrives on challenge and that desire to win. And it’s carried into her professional life.

You’ll learn much more about Emily’s story. She also will share her detailed sales process. Emily details every step from the moment she drives to an appointment to the moment homeowners sign with her. Of course, she discusses every step in between. Emily has tons of great insight to share. You can see Emily is passionate about her industry and especially her company—and how, in her eyes, they’re the obvious choice for homeowners.

Roofing Sales Crown Champion