Operational Excellence for $20M+ Home Service Businesses
Success Group International (SGI) is now CertainPath.
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After many years serving the independent contractor as Success Group International, we’re combining all that we do for home service business owners under the name CertainPath.

Now, we’re focused on “Success Made Certain” with a mission to Build Successful Home Service Businesses.

We’re more focused than ever on empowering the independent contractor to achieve their dreams with our mix of tools and systems that provide our Path to Success, our professional coaching to help you stay focused on the path, our Contractor Software that gives your company an easy-to-implement solution to run your business profitably, and our Contractor Community with the network and events that bring you together with over 1,000 other business owners.

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Operational Excellence for $20M+ Businesses: How to Refine Operations with SGI President Rebecca Cassel


Operational Excellence for $20M+ Businesses: CertainPath President Rebecca Cassel Answers Large Contractors Questions on How to Refine Their Operations

The Successful Contractor Podcast – NEW EPISODE

At a recent Expo, CertainPath President Rebecca Cassel and Jimmie Dale, President of Baker Brothers in DFW, presented THREE HOURS of information and insight on how to run an operationally excellent LARGE residential service company; that means roughly $20M or more, depending upon the trade. The session was a hit.

During that presentation, CertainPath members who owned these large companies had a chance to ask an array of questions.  Many were answered that day, but we ran out of time for some of the others.  Host Bob Houchin interviewed Rebecca and asked her some of these questions that were exceptional, so she could address them—and you the listener could benefit.

A small percentage of contractors achieve that $20M mark, but even if you’re listening, and you’re not there yet, Rebecca offered a host of great information in this interview on how to manage your managers, refine your operations, improve your call center, and lead your team into the future.