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3 Ways to Increase Sales & Create Team Unity in Your Plumbing Company


How stagnant is your tech staff? Have you checked their pulses recently? Can they still fog a mirror? Don’t laugh, some people are so stuck in a regular work routine that it is impossible to know if they actually enjoy what they do and look forward to different challenges every day. They appear to be dead to new ideas and changes.

We all know that doing the same thing every day over and over again while expecting different results is a common definition of insanity. It is tough to get motivated when there are few, if any fluctuations in the work routine. That leads to boredom, dissatisfaction with the job, and just plain stagnation.

Three Ways to Eliminate Boredom & Increase Sales

There are three great ways to eliminate boredom, increase sales, and create strong team unity:

  1. Daily Training – A great way to liven up every day for your technicians is to have them start their day in your office.  Yes, a daily meeting.  It only has to be for 20 to 30 minutes.  Go over invoices from the day before.  Ask about certain calls that didn’t generate much revenue.  As a group, discuss what might be done to improve upon it.  Maybe he could have suggested replacing the home’s 30-year old water heater?  Maybe he could have talked about water filtration?Every training session should include a little role playing.  Role play how to walk to the customer’s door.  Role play over how to handle customer questions.  Role play how to present options to homeowners.  The more your techs role play, the more their jobs will become second nature.  So, even if they do get bored by their jobs, they’ll know what needs to be done every day.
  2. Be Motivational – At least during one of your training meetings, have a motivational video for your guys to watch.  A great way to motivate is to offer, contests.  Offer bonuses for certain products sold.  Give them something to strive for!  Competition is good
  3. Have Fun – Once a month, schedule a happy hour or lunch with all of your techs together.  Of course, it’s on your dime.  And at least once a quarter, try and have a fun activity.  Maybe, stop work on noon on a Friday.  Take everyone go cart racing.  Organize a company softball game.  Whatever it is… find something fun you can do as a team.


If you offer training, motivate, and have fun, you’ll greatly reduce the likelihood of boredom hampering your techs.  Instead, they’ll be pumped and producing for you!