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Go Above & Beyond: How to Create a Positive Culture in Your Business


A buzz word in contracting today is “culture.”  In fact, you could say it’s a buzz word in the business world today.  Culture is this term that people throw around when talking about extremely successful companies.  These companies give off a certain type of feel when you walk around their offices.  It has something special about it.

What kind of culture do you have in your company?  Can you tell people love coming to work every day?  Are people excited to do their jobs?  Big question: Do people respect you as their leader… not just their boss?  That’s a big question…

Too often, especially in the contracting industry, there seems to be a divide among the boss and the technician.  The techs feel like the boss doesn’t understand what it’s like to be in the trenches.  They don’t understand the stress of working late at a customer’s home or running a service call on the weekend.  If you feel like this mindset exists in your operation, beware… It’s dangerous.  In fact, it can be destructive.

What can you do to help eliminate this divide between you and your techs AND create a positive environment in your company, a positive culture?  The answer: Go above and beyond.

If you ask your techs to work long hours and push themselves, you need to show you’re willing to help them.  But how?  Very simple.  Here are some ideas:

  • Ride along with your techs. Once a week, ride along with one of your technicians.  Rotate the tech each week.  Let your technician know you’re there to help.  That means helping with the labor, too.  On that day, take your tech out to lunch and see what’s on his mind.  What motivates and demotivates him?  What can you do to get him to be his best?  You’ll find out great info, and your tech will be impressed you take the time to listen.
  • Drop by. Does a tech call the office looking for a part that he doesn’t have on his truck?  If so, every once in a while, instead of a warehouse guy making the drive, you drive the part out.  If a tech is stuck on a job late one night, before heading home, drive to the jobsite and see how you can help.  Bring your tech dinner!
  • Take a Weekend On Call Shift. Have a technician that needs a weekend off, but can’t find someone to trade?  Offer to take the shift for him.  Show your people you’re willing to pitch in and help.  It doesn’t have to be all the time, but on occasion.  Show your people you know what it’s like in the field. 


These are just a few things you can do to reconnect with your technicians to help create a more positive culture in your company.  I urge you to brainstorm some more.  Remember, the more positive your workplace, the longer your techs will stay with you.