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Mentor Power


Webster’s New World College Dictionary defines “mentor” as “wise, loyal adviser; a teacher or coach.” Everyone at one time or another in their lives has depended on someone to help them through a difficult time or moment. We don’t always label that help as “mentoring” but it really is.

Smart businesspeople know the value of mentoring. Many choose to belong to a mentor “group” where ideas and advice are shared with other businesspeople that face similar challenges and who often share similar business demographics. Knowing how to face a situation is often much easier when advice comes from someone who has faced that exact same scenario.

Mentoring can also be described in the sage cliché: “No man is an island.” In today’s fast-paced business world, that cliché rings true time and time again. If a business owner thinks they can run a healthy and profitable business without any outside mentoring, they are doomed for failure.

If you brush aside help or advice because your ego is bigger than the building you own, its time to swallow some humble pie.

If you want to learn from the most powerful mentors in the industry, I urge you to attend one of the CertainPath Profit Days.

“There is a lot of information, but it is delivered in a fun and interesting way. I feel like I could go to every school and buy every book, but I would never have access to the expertise, information, and assistance that we are going to have. This is going to help us grow.” – Jan and Scott LaPoint

That’s just one comment we’ve heard about the power of CertainPath. For more information about a Profit Day, just give us a call.

I urge you to find a mentor — and find new ways to succeed.