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Adding Some Personal Touches to Your Website Will Help Your Salespeople Close More Deals with Customers


Adding the personal touch to each customer touch point is a key to success. Some companies choose to send out employees in the field armed with photo I.D. badges and identification cards. Others inform their customers ahead of time who is going to visit them and even give a short biography of that person. These things are done to give peace of mind to customers – that they can trust the person they deal face-to-face with. Our RSI and SGI members do each of those things, and they see a massive, positive response from customers.

It is also a good idea to have that same biographical information available to prospective customers, too. This information can be posted on your company website. Ask each of your employees to jot down a one- or two-paragraph biography about themselves (without getting too personal, this is the Internet after all). Then post that information along with a good professional photo on your website (no “cute” homemade photos please). Something else to consider: Make each of your people answer five fun questions about themselves. Include their answers below their short bios on your website.

Adding the personal touch to your company information puts a face or many faces on your business. Customers and prospects are comfortable with this – thus making it comfortable to do business with you.
You’ll find your technicians and salespeople will have a MUCH easier job coming into a new customer’s home and relating with them. Almost instantly, they’ll have conversation points. “Oh, you went to this high school? That’s so interesting!” “Oh, I read that you liked to fish! Have you ever gone to this lake?” “I hear you’re a sports fan! How about our home team!” In fact, many of our members tell us customers start asking THEM questions right away about them. Soon, the two become friends, and a secret to selling: people buy from friends.