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Mike Bachman Plumbing Finds Success by Putting a Premium on Culture


The Successful Contractor Podcast – NEW EPISODE

Mike Bachman Plumbing Finds Success by Putting a Premium on Culture; It’s on Target to Double Its Sales in 2021 at a Strong Profit Margin.

Today’s show features an interview with Victor Bachman of Mike Bachman Plumbing in Ogden, Utah. Mike Bachman Plumbing is seeing a resurgence! Last year, the company did $1.5M, and currently it’s on pace to hit $3M very profitably. We explored what Vic, and his team, are doing to enjoy such great success. And we dug deep into the operational nuances of his company.

Vic is proof that you can a great culture and a successful business. We cover a ton of topics, but as you will see, especially at the end of the interview, the revenue and profit numbers aren’t the only things that drive Vic. Vic comes from a family of plumbers; he’s the 5th generation. Mike Bachman Plumbing is a family business. His three boys work with him. His sister owns the business with him. His best friend is also a business partner. And Vic wants his entire company to share in that family feel and share in his vision. He knows when people take ownership in their workplace, not only are they more productive, they’re happier! It’s no surprise so many of Mike Bachman Plumbing’s employees have been with the company 10 and 20 years.

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