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How to Get New Employees Onboarded The Right Way


Research shows, if you don’t properly onboard new employees, and then continue to train new technicians, you dramatically increase the likelihood that the new person will leave within their first 90-days. It’s vital for your new hires to to understand the values of your company. You must give them a reason to believe in your mission and values,as well as the path to success. People are motivated by knowing what their future can be.

We all know how it goes. Your phones are slammed and you’re desperately in need of another technician—or two or three technicians—it’s super tempting to throw those new hires into trucks or onto the phones as soon as possible.  After all, there are customers needing to be helped and revenue to be made. However, if that’s your current MO or method of operation, you’re likely doing more long-term damage than good.

Here are a couple things to remember about onboarding employees:

Onboarding New Employees Is Not the Same as Training:

A study published in the Academy of Management Journal found that the first 90-days of employment is pivotal to building rapport with the company.  When support levels are high, new hires often had more positive attitudes and worked harder. When support and direction were not offered, the opposite occurred and most left within four months. Most companies are aware of the importance of onboarding and training, but not many are aware of how important it is to have both. Though the terms are often used interchangeably, they are in fact quite different.

Structured Onboarding Impacts Retention:

Creating a structured onboarding program is KEY! Per a 2007 study by the Wynhurst Group, when employees go through structured onboarding, they were 58% more likely to remain with the organization after three years. A standardized onboarding program shows your new employees just how happy you are that they’re here. They take notice of the fact that you’re investing in their immediate and long-term future.

Onboarding Must Answer The How and The Why

Although benefits and pay are always a reason for someone to come work for you, that’s not the only motivation for today’s employee. For example, when onboarding a new technician, it’s important to teach HOW to execute the steps of the service call. It’s also equally important to teach WHY you insist on a service call being conducted the same way, every time, ensuring your customers receive the same service experience.

Onboarding Is a Team Effort

Just because you’ve sat down and gone through company policies, given a tour, and introduced him or her to the team, does not mean the onboarding in complete. This is a team-based process. New techs should take time to shadow every department in your office to fully understand the impact of his or her role. Daily ride-alongs, even for the new but very experienced tech, should be mandatory until you’re certain they fully understand how you want your business to be conducted and the service levels that are expected. Your new hires should be learning from your best people!

More and more millennials are entering the workforce. The expectation of millennials is a workplace that includes an environment and mission and philosophy that they fully understand. This is why training is crucial. Training begins with proper onboarding.

The better foundation you build for new people, the better the results!