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I Can’t Find Good Electricians: Why the Problem May Actually Be YOU, Not Your Electricians


I can’t find good people!  I can’t find good people!  I can’t find good people!  This is seemingly a chant I hear all the time coming across my phone receiver when talking with a contractor who’s new to our organization.  They’re always in search of good electricians/technicians, and they never feel like they can find them…

Now, I’m not going to lie.  There is a shortage of good people in the trades.  There absolutely is.  That’s a discussion for a whole different blog.  In fact, I could probably write a book on why that’s an issue and how it’s such a shame that more young people aren’t directed towards the trades.  But I digress…

Here’s something I always say to those new CertainPath clients over the phone, and I’ll say to you: Are you sure you can’t find any good people?  Or are you getting rid of potentially great employees because you’re not treating them right?

Please, don’t take that as an insult.  I’m sure you’re a great person.  You provide an honest wage and treat people fairly.  However… that’s not enough in today’s workforce.  As I just explained above, there’s a SHORTAGE of good technicians/electricians in today’s trades.  People have options.  If they don’t like you or feel wronged by our or simply see a better opportunity, they’re going to bolt.  It’s the sad truth.

Before firing your next hire or being aggravated that another electrician left your company, here are a few things for you to consider implementing in your business.  Trust me, they will make a difference:

  1. Start Training Your Electricians. Not only should be doing technical training, provide some communication training for your electricians.  Show them how to better serve your customers.
  2. Provide an Incentive-Based Pay Program. You don’t have to completely switch to commission, but give your electricians a chance to control their own paychecks by paying them more for the more work they do in a home.  Give them an hourly wage and a bonus program.  Pay them $20 for every positive online review a customer leaves about them, for example.
  3. Profit Share. At the end of the year, if you’re profitable, give your electricians a cut of the action.  They’re the guys working hard in the field.
  4. Meet One on One. Meet with your electricians one-on-one at least once a month to see how they’re doing.  Build them up.    Give them positive vibes.  Let them know you care.


Implement those four strategies, and you’ll be shocked how your electricians respond.  You may find that you won’t need to hire anyone new for some time.