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Make Millions More by Offering a 100% Satisfaction (or Your Money Back) Guarantee


Peace of mind goes a long way to winning new customers and keeping current ones. Some people take peace of mind for granted because they seldom have had to replace a worn-out, outdated electrical service panel or they’ve never had an outlet burn up. The truth is, people don’t know how good they have it until they don’t have it anymore.

It’s your technicians’ jobs to reinforce the peace of mind that comes with every product and service you provide your customers. Besides doing the job professionally and quickly (the first time), your customers should be assured that your techs will come back again and again—at no extra charge—if need be until they’re absolutely satisfied with the work. The power of a 100 percent guarantee can NEVER be overlooked.

What’s that? You’ll have people that will take advantage of your guarantee? You’ll end up losing money by offering money back? I have to tell you, we’ve worked with thousands of contractors all across North America. We deal with electrical contractors in the biggest cities and the smallest towns. They all offer 100 percent money-back guarantees, and it’s done nothing but help business. Here’s why…

While as a species, human beings seem to be an interesting sort, the vast majority of people out there really aren’t aiming to take advantage of you. In fact, only about three-percent of your customers (at most) may try and get free repairs and take advantage of your guarantee. What do you do with those folks? Give them their money back with a big smile on your face. Those people will sometimes become your biggest fans and praise you to their friends and family. And if you give them their money back they’re still not satisfied, you apologize, and you refuse to serve them in the future.

Bottom line

Even in cases where our electrical contractors have given money back to those dreaded “three percenters,” they’ve made hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars MORE by offering and standing by their 100 percent satisfaction or your money back guarantee.
So, if you’re not offering one, you should. It will help you sell jobs!