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Success Group International (SGI) is now CertainPath.
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After many years serving the independent contractor as Success Group International, we’re combining all that we do for home service business owners under the name CertainPath.

Now, we’re focused on “Success Made Certain” with a mission to Build Successful Home Service Businesses.

We’re more focused than ever on empowering the independent contractor to achieve their dreams with our mix of tools and systems that provide our Path to Success, our professional coaching to help you stay focused on the path, our Contractor Software that gives your company an easy-to-implement solution to run your business profitably, and our Contractor Community with the network and events that bring you together with over 1,000 other business owners.

Now is the time to explore how CertainPath can make a difference in your success. To talk to a CertainPath advisor, click here.

5 Electrical Contractors Share Their Stories

The contracting world can be tough. That's why learning from electrical contractors just like you is so important!

563 x 375 - Case Study - Electricians

5 Electrical Contractors Share Their Stories

Hear from electrical contractors who are experiencing dramatic growth, dominating their market, finally getting out of the truck, making real profits, and enjoying freedom of time.

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