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Sometimes It’s Best to FIRE Your “Customers”


It doesn’t matter if you’re a $50 Million company running at double-digit profitability or if you’re a company generating only $300K in sales. If you’re trying to grow your business and make money, sometimes it’s okay to FIRE customers.


Yes, I know. That seems ludicrous, especially for the tiny contractor trying to gain his footing. But this is incredibly vital information…

Let me clarify: When you get someone on the phone who wants to argue with you for 30 minutes about your diagnostic charge, that’s a customer you want to fire. Immediately. If you’re in the home of a customer, you’ve given a great sales presentation, and that person wants to argue with you for an hour about your prices. Don’t give into their browbeating.

Maybe you can come down on your pricing a few dollars, but stand your ground. You’re worth what you’re worth. If that customer isn’t willing to accept it, fire him. On the spot. Thank him for his time and move along.

You get someone who wants you to come out to his home 20 different times to look at a repair job you know was done properly. You’ve explained that it was done properly, and they’re still not happy. You give that person his/her money back. Apologize for the issue. And ask them to please contact another company. Be sure to give him the money back! It’s okay… You’ll survive without that $300.

If you’ve been in business for even a year or two – and you’re an ethical contractor who works hard and charges an honest price – I guarantee you have at least hundreds of people who love you. They love the job you do. They tell their friends about you. But you know what? There’s 3% of the public who will never be happy. And their lone goal is to SUCK up all of your free time and drag you down.

Don’t let the 3%’ers drag you down. Thank them for their time. Then, do whatever you can to get away from these people immediately. Not only do they waste your time, they can sour your attitude and leaving a lasting negative impact on your attitude.

Friends, it’s okay to fire customers. Sometimes it’s the absolute BEST thing for your mental health and your business.