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The Cheapest & Best Advertising You’ll Ever Find


Everywhere you go people should know who you are. That may sound a bit odd and bordering on egomania but think about this statement from your business’ point of view. You want people to know your business name and what you do, right? It’s important to have name recognition in your community because it builds a customer base through brand name recall. People will call you because they remember what you do.

Short of wearing a sandwich advertising board (which is becoming trendy again on street corners), keep a couple of magnetic car signs to put on your car or truck when driving around town – and add an eye-catching graphic, too.

If you’re still working in the field, you should be decked out in an impressive-looking uniform.  It should be a white, crisp, button-up, collared shirt with your company logo embroidered over your heart. You should be wearing clean, freshly pressed, navy, or black work pants. No tears. No rips. No fade. You should have work boots that gleam in the sun. And you should always be shaved, well-groomed, and have a big smile on your face.

In other words… When people see you walking into a restaurant or gas station or grocery store, you demand people’s attention and respect. Worried that you’ll dirty up that pretty white uniform shirt? No problem. Have three or four extras in your truck. Change after every job.

Image is everything.

If you’re not in the field, you should be wearing a white dress shirt with your logo over your chest. You should have slacks and polished dress shoes. You should wear a tie. These little aesthetic changes can absolutely make your phone ring. You turn yourself into a walking, talking billboard.

And everyone in your company ought to have stacks and stacks of business cards with them at all times. Have a coupon on the back of the business card.  Hand those business cards out like you’re handing out candy or beads at a parade. It’s virtually free advertising.

Yes, how you look and act in public can be some of the best and cheapest advertising you’ll ever find.