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Holliday Heating & Cooling: Growing the Right Way by Taking Care of Customers & Employees – The Successful Contractor Podcast


Taking care of customers, Taking care of employees, And having some fun doing it!

The Successful Contractor Podcast – NEW EPISODE

Today’s features Doc Holliday, Chris Holliday, & Mitch Armitage of Holliday Heating & Cooling in Spokane, Washington. This is a great story for so many reasons. Doc started the business many years ago, and he joined the SGI family about 15 years ago. At that point, he’d already gone through a lot. The business was only doing about $1 million. And Doc was tired of working 16 hours a day and not making any money.

Over the next decade and a half, along with Chris and Mitch, these three men have turned Holliday Heating & Cooling into a finely tuned operation. In 2019, Holliday did $3.1 million. In 2020, it did $5.1 million. And this year, they’re about to close out at $7 million. Best of all, those numbers were achieved while hitting between 16-20% net profit.

Doc, Chris, & Mitch have grown the right way—as you will hear Doc say, they did it by, “Taking care of customers; taking care of employees; and having some fun doing it!” Recently Doc sold Holliday Heating & Cooling to Chris & Mitch. While he will remain somewhat involved, he’s earned the right begin enjoying retirement. If you’re a smaller to mid-sized HVAC company looking to grow aggressively, these gentlemen drop more than a few great nuggets. So, please enjoy!

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