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3 Strategies to Immediately Find Business When Your Phones are Dead


I was reading something not long ago about how much the holiday season impacts retailers’ entire year. For some retailers, as much as 75 percent of their annual sales volume occurs during the months of November and December. Just one bad day of sales during those two months can spell disaster.

There’s a reason why the large, major retailers never have bad days or struggle during the holiday season. They have a plan. They know how to ensure their aisles will be full of customers and their tills full of cash.

Knowing this, got me thinking about contractors…

What kind of plan is in place? More specifically, what kind of plan do you implement when the phone isn’t ringing and you have electricians just sitting around looking for work? If your plan involves saying a few prayers, hoping for the best, and not much more, here are some strategies to consider:

  1. Call Former Customers. If you’ve been in business for even just a year, you should have a database full of customers. On those days when the phone is dead and you don’t have a thing to do, start calling these folks. Tell them it’s time for their home’s electrical safety evaluation. Their electrical system should be evaluated once a year. Normally, it’s a $99 service; however, you’re waiving the fee.
  2. Look at Old Proposals. You should have files of old proposals written to customers over the years. On slow days, call these people and see if they ever had the work done. Or if you did some of the work, but they passed on doing a few additional things performed, offer to do those repairs at a discount.
  3. Knock on Doors. Yes, knock on doors. If you don’t have a call lined up for days, and your techs are sitting around, it’s time to pick a neighborhood, park your car, knock on doors, introduce yourself and your company, give out a business card and coupons, and ask if there’s any electrical work that person needed done but never got around to doing. Every single technician in your company should be doing the same. Some of the largest companies we work with built their empires by first knocking on doors.

One bad day of sales may not seem like the end of the world, but those days mount up. Over time, you’ll find yourself missing goals and can even find yourself missing payments on bills. Avoid all of that. Keep these strategies in mind the next time your phone isn’t ringing.