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How To Help Your Technicians Overcome the Feeling of Being a Salesperson


Do you really need to upsell every single customer? That’s a question that a lot of our clients initially get asked by their technicians after they’ve joined CertainPath. The question comes early in our clients’ transformation process when everything is still new.

Why does sales have such a poor connotation? Without sales, no one would have a job. There would be no profit. Your company wouldn’t exist. Sales drives everything. However, yes, I admit that technicians hate the idea of being a dreaded “salesperson.”

That’s why you need to educate your technicians NOT to think like a salesperson. You’re not asking them to push product. You’re not trying to upsell. You’re simply asking them to keep your customers safe, ask questions, look for problems, and offer solutions. That’s it…

For example, your technicians should never go into a home planning on pushing a panel change-out. What if the panel is newer and in good condition? There’s no need for it. Instead, they should go into the home hoping to do everything possible to keep that family safe. What does that entail?

Your technicians should absolutely address the reason why they’re being called to a home that day. Yet they should also be conducting safety inspections on every single service call. You know as well as I that older homes in particular are loaded with safety hazards and outdated electrical.
After the safety inspection, you just want your technicians to present the issues. With each issue, your technicians should offer options as to how to address each issue. Finally, your technicians should ask, “Mr. Jones, how would you like to solve these safety issues today?”

That’s it. No big sales push. No lying. No deceit. No dreaded sales! Your technicians are finding problems that exist. Offering ways to fix them—then they let the homeowner decide what to do.

Follow that simple process and your technicians will soon see that they’re not “upselling.” No, they’re doing their jobs, enhancing people’s safety in their homes, and making more money.