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7 Steps to Turning Your CCR Into a Club-Membership Salesperson


The importance of club memberships to your business can never be understated. They ARE your business. Every club you have is a customer locked to you. While your technicians may do a solid job of offering club , if they’re the ONLY ones offering your clubs, you’re likely missing out on some huge opportunities. Check out these 7 steps to turn your CCR’s into your biggest club-membership champions!

Step 1: Explain the benefits of the club to your CCR.

No one can ever successfully educate on anything without knowing the benefits. Explain to your CCR’s that:

  • Clubs Are Great for Your Customers: It will keep their equipment maintenanced, which will save them money on larger repairs. They provide discounts and offer safety to families. They give peace-of-mind by reducing the likelihood of emergency calls, and should your customer need you, club members go to the front of the line for service. Not to mention, when you keep your home well maintained the potential utility savings!
  • Clubs Are Great for YOU, the CCR: You’ll get a spiff for every club sold and every club renewed.
  • Clubs Are Great for the Company: Remind your CCR’s that clubs keep customers locked to your company. They’re not using any other service company.

Step 2: Develop a Script Outline Structure.

Help your CCR’s write a script outline. (Outlines don’t sound as mechanical as scripts.) Coach them through the process, but allow them to put terms in their own words. Of course, be sure to brainstorm every objection imaginable and develop a response to each.

Step 3: Train, Train, & Train Some More!

Before your CCR’s begin offering club memberships, take time to train them on the new script. You may need to train two or three times a week – for several weeks – before allowing your CCR to start offering. But that’s okay!

Step 4: Remind Your CCR’s of the Importance Not To Lose Calls!

Remind your CCR’s to follow scripts, present the benefits, be energetic with a smile in their voice over the phone, and answer objections and questions – but don’t be pushy. You never want to lose an appointment over a hard pitch.

Step 5: Track Their Progress

Monitor how well your CCR’s are doing. Record their conversations and use those recordings in future trainings. Utilize a Scoreboard. Continue to meet weekly to role-play. We can’t improve what we don’t track!

Step 6: Create Competition

Offer rewards for the CCR who sells the most club memberships in a month. Let them choose what they want to be the prize! If you only have one CCR, create a goal to hit, and if he/she meets it, he/she is rewarded!

Step 7: Celebrate Success

People enjoy recognition. Have your CCR’s, who are performing well, stand up in meetings and get a round of applause. If the whole team has a great week, take them to lunch! Telling them every week how much you appreciate their hard work, goes a long way.
Offering clubs doesn’t have to be difficult, and you can even incentivise it and make it fun and beneficial for everyone! For additional help, Learning Alliance offers the Telephone Essentials Courses Online for all of our memebers! Be sure to sign your CCR up! You’ll be offering more than ever before!
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