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Success Group International (SGI) is now CertainPath.
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After many years serving the independent contractor as Success Group International, we’re combining all that we do for home service business owners under the name CertainPath.

Now, we’re focused on “Success Made Certain” with a mission to Build Successful Home Service Businesses.

We’re more focused than ever on empowering the independent contractor to achieve their dreams with our mix of tools and systems that provide our Path to Success, our professional coaching to help you stay focused on the path, our Contractor Software that gives your company an easy-to-implement solution to run your business profitably, and our Contractor Community with the network and events that bring you together with over 1,000 other business owners.

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How Al Balonze Broke the Glass Ceiling Hovering Over His HVAC Business


The Successful Contractor Podcast – NEW EPISODE

94% Increase in Sales at 52% Gross Margin: How Al Balonze Broke the Glass Ceiling Hovering Over his HVAC Business, Efficient Air! Today’s show features Al Balonze of Efficient Air in Riverdale, New Jersey. Efficient Air has had back-to-back record-breaking years, in terms of revenue.

As of a month ago, sales were up 94% from the previous year… at a 52% gross margin! That’s fantastic. As you will learn, Al came to SGI looking to break through a glass ceiling hovering over the company. He just couldn’t seem to grow it beyond just shy of $2M. That’s certainly not a struggle any further.

What is so remarkable about Al’s story is this: He joined SGI weeks before COVID hit the US and effectively shut down his business. New Jersey was one of the first epicenters. And no one knew what to do. Thanks to Al’s determination—as well as the determination of his people—they’ve all made critical changes to Efficient Air that are now leading to massive results. They’re truly a remarkable team.