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Find Your Process: Charles Dozeman Sold Almost $2M in Residential HVAC Repairs & Replacement Systems for WireNut Home Services in Colorado Springs, CO, by Having a Process & Relentlessly Training to Perfect It.

The Successful Contractor Podcast – NEW EPISODE

Today’s show is a great discussion with another SGI Crown Champion: Charles Dozeman of WireNut Home Services in Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a service technician, Charles sold almost $2M in residential repairs and replacement systems. Charles is a high-energy, engaging guy. When you meet him, you feel like you’ve known each other for years. Charles is naturally a likeable person who connects well with others. He’s also almost a 30-year-veteran in the HVAC industry, most of it in residential.

Before moving to Colorado, Charles worked for Milestone and another large contractor in the Dallas/Fort Worth market. That means he’s trained, trained, and trained some more. In fact, today, Charles trains Maintenance 1 technicians for WireNut, in addition to being a rock star in the field. It’s through all that training where you find why Charles is really successful: It’s his process. Charles has it down. He knows how to react to each situation in the home. He knows how to communicate with the homeowner. And he knows how to deliver exceptional service.

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