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Success Group International (SGI) is now CertainPath.
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After many years serving the independent contractor as Success Group International, we’re combining all that we do for home service business owners under the name CertainPath.

Now, we’re focused on “Success Made Certain” with a mission to Build Successful Home Service Businesses.

We’re more focused than ever on empowering the independent contractor to achieve their dreams with our mix of tools and systems that provide our Path to Success, our professional coaching to help you stay focused on the path, our Contractor Software that gives your company an easy-to-implement solution to run your business profitably, and our Contractor Community with the network and events that bring you together with over 1,000 other business owners.

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5 Inexpensive Ways to Advertise Your Business & Find Valuable Leads!


Advertising can be an expensive venture, especially if you’re just starting out in the roofing business or you’re still a relatively small company. When you’re starting out, every dollar spent is carefully scrutinized. Yet, you still need to let people know about YOU! While word-of-mouth is always the best type of advertising, it’s not enough if you want to grow.

Instead of relying on expensive marketing campaigns to communicate or publicize yourself or your business, take matters into your own hands. Become your own best “mouthpiece.” Yes, advertising doesn’t always have to be expensive. Here are some tools you can employ:

Social Media.

Become the next social media star! Create a Facebook page and post something every few days. It could be a picture of you standing with another happy customer. It could be helpful tips on how people can safely clean gutters. It doesn’t even have to be about roofing! Make your posts fun! Share recipes, inspirational quotes, family-friendly jokes! Of course, also offer discounts and services from time to time.

Online Newsletters.

It costs money to send paper newsletters, but there is plenty of software out there today that’s free for you to create your own online newsletter. You don’t have to be a talented writer to throw one together. Just like your Facebook page, share some roofing information, but also make the newsletter entertaining. Include fun little puzzles and give away small prizes to the first person to send the winning response. And everyone who responds should get coupons. Make your online newsletter something people want to open.

Networking Groups.

There are so many business networking groups out there today. I know it takes some time, but meet with several of them. They’re not hard to find—I’m sure you can locate them just by searching online. These groups are great for finding new business leads!

Call Old Customers.

I know you have old bids sitting around in a drawer. Call those people and see if they ever had their roof repaired or replaced. Offer them a free inspection. It doesn’t cost you anything but a few moments of time.

Door to Door.

Hey, when you’re really slow and you need business. It’s time to hit the streets. Knock on doors. Introduce yourself. Give a business card and some coupons. And offer a free roof inspection. You’ll be surprised how much business that generates. It’s much better than sitting around not making money.

Outside of door knocking, not all of these are direct response marketing strategies, but when you don’t have much money to advertise, they’re great tools to help brand yourself in people’s minds.