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Training Opportunities For Your HVAC Business


Growing a business typically doesn’t happen overnight. In the competitive world of HVAC, successful contractors understand that it takes hard work, determination, and a willingness to learn and adopt new strategies to thrive in the industry from day to day and week to week.

CertainPath aims to support HVAC contractors build and grow their businesses with proven strategies from seasoned experts in the field. With a variety of systems, tools, and network contacts at your fingertips, you can more easily take the first step in starting your business, organizing it, or even expanding it in ways you never dreamed of before.

You may not have had all the answers when you began your business, and you still may not even after being in business for decades. With the resources and training opportunities from AirTime International Success, any contractor can learn what it will take to bring their business to the next level. For example, some training opportunities provided include insight on how to start an HVAC business, how to successfully onboard a new technician, and tips for training associates in sales and lead generations.

Starting Your HVAC Business

Two things that can make or break an HVAC business are budgets and management style. A non-existent budget will certainly take your direction off-course, and poor management can’t drive a healthy and thriving team. With the resources from CertainPath, HVAC business owners can learn effective strategies for building a successful business with these two starting points.

Accounting and Budgeting

One of the first steps of any successful HVAC company is to create and stick to a budget. Budgets not only help businesses stay on track and avoid running out of money, but they can also provide a benchmark for the overall health of the company.

A budget can help an owner break down the numbers into quantifiable goals over set periods of time. For instance, if a business owner wants to give an employee a raise, a budget helps them understand how many more calls they need to complete or by how much they need to raise their prices in order to afford that increase in salary. While employees generally don’t need to know the specifics on profits or how the finances work in the company, a “calls completed per day” goal is something they can appreciate and achieve while helping the overall financial goals of the company.

With a budget outlined, a business owner can more easily build their trainings, make decisions, and even create plans to increase revenue for their business. Simply put, a budget gives your team direction, holds your team accountable, and makes the overall vision more manageable. With the resources from CertainPath, you can learn how to create a customized budget based on your individual goals and market. You will also learn how to increase your revenue by 20% per year and increase profitability by 15% within 5 years.

Management Style

A manager can only lead someone as far as they have been led themselves. Without knowing specific strategies for accomplishing the vision of your company, how will you accurately communicate your expectations to your employees?

As a member of CertainPath, not only will you have access to a consultant who can help you define the culture of your company and grow your business leadership skills, but you will also learn various interpersonal leadership skills to help you connect with your team and inspire them toward success. Management training includes tips for handling conflict and how to improve communication between management and the team, skills for building trust amongst members of the whole company, and knowledge on effectively using your unique management style for the benefit of the company and your employees.

Onboarding a New Technician

Whether you are struggling to keep employees or you need help creating a more consistent experience for your clients, CertainPath can assist. With knowledge on how to create clear and specific onboarding techniques, you can immerse your technicians in your company culture and prepare them for dependable service by the time they complete the onboarding process.

While the details will be specific to you and your company, CertainPath can provide you with the building blocks for deciding what procedures are important to your service calls, communicating to new hires what makes you different from the competition, teaching new hires to perform service as any other technician on your team, reinforcing these ideals, and deciding when a new hire to perform calls on their own. When you implement these onboarding steps, you will be well on your way to retaining better trained employees long-term.

HVAC Sales and Leads Training

A strong sales approach and consistent lead generation are vital to the health of any HVAC business. Not everyone is naturally gifted in these areas, but that’s okay. CertainPath provides the tools necessary for business owners to effectively train even the most timid of employees in proper sales technique.

Sales and leads look different from a marketing perspective and a technician perspective. For instance, body language can make or break a sale for a technician who is directly interacting with clients. With specific training from CertainPath, you will better know what your technicians need to close more sales and flip more leads while in the field.